Software Defined Infrastructure Services

Current State Assessment
- Review of current Operating Practices
- Partnership determining goals, potential outcomes and time line.
- Agreement on scope: current to future state
- Current Deployment Workflow practices

Infrastructure Discovery & Analysis
- Virtual Systems Audit, Application VM density, allocation of Compute, IO,
- Storage & Network resources by VM
- Physical Infrastructure Audit, utilization picture building, peak workload
- Analysis, redundancy and DR planning
- Business Case Consulting

Service Improvement
- We understand the implications of infrastructure change on business services as a baseline.
- We recommend areas for improved application availability, providing more for less using existing hardware infrastructure or simply releasing existing infrastructure by increasing density and performance.
- Integration of Virtualised services into current management platforms and practices.

Operational Efficiency
- Automate Capacity planning and management
- Build pre-configured templates for applications
- Include VM resource requirements and deployment of key resource assets, such as vlans, security requirements, firewalls, etc.
- Deploy centrally and manage centrally
- Dramatically decrease time to launch new services, not only the VM but the underlying network, security and storage requirements

Return on Investment
- Business case built on customer approved data
- Cost management and transparent ROI modeling
- 360 view of success of each project
- Milestone structured project management

SoftwareHaus Asset Management (SAM)

Asset Management Discovery Process
- Consulting engagement with finance and procurement team
- Agreement on which sourcing operational systems to review
- Systems compatibility analysis
- License contracting review for those captured by project
- Internal budget distribution and collection

Recommendation and Integration
- Partnership to agree starting point, landing point and time line to achieve results
- On site team engagement meeting
- Project Workshop kick off meeting
- Agree approach, scope and executive review

Delivery and Ongoing Management
- On site partnership with procurement and finance
- Custom systems and reporting to suit client view
- Ongoing regular improvements
- Meet commitment on license management
- Automated budget collection and cost distribution
- Provide finance with CAPEX and OPEX summaries as required

Why SoftwareHaus

Our experience of deploying Software Asset Management systems, coupled with our history of managing our customers software assets and IT environments, means we have the right experience and skill sets to provide the right solutions following your guidelines, using the pre-agreed methodologies and approach.

SoftwareHaus add our own intellectual property from the SAM solution providing finance standard tools and applications embedded into your long trusted internal processes and systems.